Quality Employee Feedback

Providing employees with concise feedback can be the difference between being 'that farm' that every farmhand in the county wants to work at and employees being unsatisfied with their work. Quality feedback increases the sense of recognition that employees have and is a primary factor of job satisfaction. In this podcast, we will teach how to effectively use positive, redirective, and negative feedback.
Episode 10 Transcript

Episode Content:
02:06 - Herzberg's Factors of Motivation
04:13 - Providing Quality Feedback
05:09 - Why Do We Give Positive feedback?
06:20 - How to Provide Quality Positive Feedback
07:10 - Redirective and Negative Feedback
08:20 - Giving Redirective Feedback, an Example
09:05 - Giving Negative Feedback, an Example
09:50 - When to use Redirection vs Negative Feedback?

Quality Employee Feedback
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